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Boiler repair London

Boiler Repair London at your serviceWe are experienced, qualified heating technicians to carry out boiler replacements and new boiler installation in London. We at Boiler Repairs London have engineers who are fully accredited and trained by the main major gas boiler manufacturers. Boiler Repair London engineers are very much experienced

Corrosion Protection

Fresh Water is highly corrosive and there are not too many materials that will not succumb to it, in time. This is very damaging to surface metals in a water heater, boiler or storage tank. These components are quite costly and can be difficult to replace. So things calle anodes

New Waste Fitting

It is recommended that the waste fittings are fitted before the hand basin is installed in its final location if possible, as this will stop the need to work in what can sometimes be a very restricted space. London Boiler Repair professionals can supply and fit all types of appliances.

Softening and Purifying your Water

Water delivered from the main supply contains chlorine and various other dissolved minerals. There are also trace of metals, nitrates, insecticides and herbicides, although the amounts are controlled by regulations. There are several methods by which water may be treated to remove the chlorine minerals and contaminants. A London Boiler

Waste Fitting

With the old basin fitting removed:If this is for a basin, then, there will be no requirement to have an overflow connection because it is a part of the appliance as standard. Usually the waste fitting is set into the basin using washers made of rubber, however you could make

Water Heater Savings

The heaters that are fitted in the home need to work 24/7 in order to provide the hot water required for our needs. As we demand this water at a moments notice, this will unfortunately mean that a lot of energy is required to heat and keep this large volume

Speed-Type Fitting

To disconnect this type of fitting, first unlock it by turning the screw cap anticlockwise. You should then be able to see a gap and feel some resistance. Where clips have been fitted, they will need removing. Having done that you now press down on the collet which is on

Pump and Valve Tips

Jammed Rotor:Pump motors can occasionally stick and not run, (this does not mean that the pump needs replacing) and although there may be a slight vibration at the casing, this doesnt mean there is any rotation. Most of these pump motors will have an adjustable cover allowing access to the