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New Waste Fitting

It is recommended that the waste fittings are fitted before the hand basin is installed in its final location if possible, as this will stop the need to work in what can sometimes be a very restricted space. London Boiler Repair professionals can supply and fit all types of appliances. There are several types of basin waste fittings, some that need a plug to keep the water in the basin or others that have an automatic spring or a lever that is fitted at the rear of the taps. Most basin waste fittings however are all fitted in a similar way. Here is a brief guide to fitting a waste outlet for a basin, it assume that the old fitting has gone. A replacement waste fitting should be fitted into the basin with the right rubber washers, but if you dont have them, the joint can be accomplished by running a ring made of plumbers mate or silicone rubber to the underneath of the part of the waste fitting that is fitted in the basin outlet. The appliance needs to be dry for the best result otherwise any jointing compounds that you use used will not stick. Locate the waste fitting and run a second ring of plumbers mate, silicon or a large rubber washer around the thread that is visible at the hole in the appliance. Now fit a 32mm polythene washer. London Boiler Repairs are skilled at fitting basins or any appliance. Screw the large back nut onto the fitting, this will compress and make the seal. Always make sure the fitting doesnt turn when tightening the back nut. Now, finally a second fix. This is to make sure that sure that the appliance is level, secure, and supported, it also double checks that all the pipes are correctly concealed and neat. There is already a gradual slope in the design of the basin.

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