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Corrosion Protection

Fresh Water is highly corrosive and there are not too many materials that will not succumb to it, in time. This is very damaging to surface metals in a water heater, boiler or storage tank. These components are quite costly and can be difficult to replace. So things calle anodes are fitted in these systems to, attract any corrosion away from at risk components. They are made from metals like magnesium or aluminium, which corrode easily. Sacrificial Anodes are used to protect systems that include large quantities of stored water. Usually The rust in a tank or system is unnoticed until the tank develops a leak, by then the damage that is done could be devastating and it will too late stop the consequences of a massive leak. So you can understand why this anode is important, so as long as an anode is in good condition the tank damage will be greatly reduced. The condition of an anode cant be seen by just looking at a water heater. It requires the electrical power for the tank to be isolated and actually removing it for a visual inspection. Finchley Boiler Repair plumbers are experienced professionals. This can be done every couple of years as the rusting is quite a slow process. The anode is really quite easy to replace with a new rod. They come in different shapes and sizes, so it helps to have all the relevant information for your particular system when you need to purchase a new one. This detail is usually on the water-heater housing itself. A Finchley Boiler Repairs technician can replace anodes. To Replace Replace An Anode you will need to isolate the electrical power that feeds the tanks heater. Make sure that the cold water is also isolated at the inlet valve. Then, unscrew the hexagonal bolt that holds the anode in place on the tank. (Usually on the top). Remove the remnants of the old anode and dispose of in a responsible way. Fit the new anode by sitting it in the hole on the tank. You can use Teflon tape on the threaded fitting to prevent any leaks. Return the power supply and visually inspect.

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