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Annual boiler service will extend the life of your boiler London

If you use gas to heat your home, then you are surely aware of a need to properly maintain gas installations in your home. We are a professional gas company licensed and equipped to perform all maintenance and repairs of gas installations, including Boiler service London. We make sure that all applicable rules and professional standards are followed during repair and maintenance activities. Moreover, don’t hesitate to contact us when you are in need of Boiler service London. We are aware that boiler repair is urgent and we are there to provide service when you need it, around the clock, workdays and weekends. Emergencies happen at the most unexpected times, which is why we are here to solve them, efficiently and timely.
Besides boiler repairs, we also perform all other gas installation services such as:
? Gas installation maintenance
? Repairs and maintenance of boilers, gas pipes and appliances

In a case of client request, we can test gas quality and possible leaks on installations and boilers. We perform visual inspection and technical tests that include testing of the condition of the insulation of gas installations. This is performed through Pearson detection that includes location positioning and detection of the level of insulation damage.

Our work can be performed in regard to many different gases, including: natural gas, carbon dioxide, oxygen, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc. We can also perform installations of technical gases. Our machines and tools are tested and validated on a regular basis. We are authorized by proper authorities for all of our installation, repairs and maintenance activities.
One of the important tests for gas installations is the so-called air flow test. It tests air flow through the building, which will in the end affect the quality of energy in the building afterwards. Pressure difference is measured with a testing vent.

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