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Softening and Purifying your Water

Water delivered from the main supply contains chlorine and various other dissolved minerals. There are also trace of metals, nitrates, insecticides and herbicides, although the amounts are controlled by regulations. There are several methods by which water may be treated to remove the chlorine minerals and contaminants. A London Boiler Repair tradesman can fit any appliance.The simplest and most convenient method for removing these is the jug filter, which sits on the worktop and is filled by hand. It is an activated carbon filter to remove chlorine and pesticides, and an ion exchanger system to remove metals and reduce hardness. The most common plumbed in system is attached to the incoming water supply so that water used for bathing and washing clothes is softened, but drinking water remains untreated. This is especially important for babies and people on a sodium restricted diet. This type of system works by passing the water through resin beads that replace the scale forming magnesium and calcium ions with harmless and taste free sodium ions. The beads are regenerated by periodically flushing through with salt water, to replenish the supply of sodium ions and remove the magnesium and calcium ions. London Boiler Repairs plumbers carry all the correct tools for the job.Positioning a Water Treatment Unit.Any permanently fitted device that removes hardness from mains water must be fitted close to the incoming service pipe, stop tap and a drain (for the used salt water). Some units contain an electrical system to control when the salt water regenerates the filter, and these require a nearby power source. Immediately after the stop tap there must be a feed to the mains drinking water tap, usually at the kitchen sink, and there should be a non-return valve to prevent water being drawn back through the unit when the drinking water tap is turned on. Service or isolation valves allow water to be rooted through the treatment units, or enable the system to be bypassed for repair.

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