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Speed-Type Fitting

To disconnect this type of fitting, first unlock it by turning the screw cap anticlockwise. You should then be able to see a gap and feel some resistance. Where clips have been fitted, they will need removing. Having done that you now press down on the collet which is on the end of the fitting. This can be done by hand usually, however, you can also get collet release tool if you required. With a pulling action you should be able to separate the pipe from the fitting. This action will result in a plastic seal insert being left behind inside the fitting, so you will need to deconstruct the fitting. Boiler Repair London carry out all plumbing work. To take the fitting apart to remove the seal, you need to unscrew the screw cap anticlockwise until you feel resistance and then just carry on turning, you may need to hold the middle of the fitting still with a pair of the right type of pliers. Once the cap is released you should then be able to remove the pipe insert. Also as you do this there is a good chance you will also remove a black O ring seal and a blue plastic ring. These will need to go back in the same way and place as they came out, i.e. the black O ring first and the blue ring on the top. Boiler Repairs London know how to use speed fittings. Place the screw cap back on and turn clockwise. You will probably feel some resistance so you can give it another turn to overcome it and the screw cap should be is finally on.NOTE:These fittings are very good as they even work really well with copper pipes, with the only difference that you dont get any markers that indicate that the fitting is secured properly. Also there is no requirement for the pipe inserts to support the copper tubing.

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