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Plumbers Tools

Pliers:A good pair of pliers is a very handy and widely used tool to have. Long nosed are great for working on electrics, with large for heavy work such as soldering and WC valves and other sizes for lots of hard to complete tasks.Measuring Tools:Two types of measuring implements are really needed to carry out tasks in plumbing measurements. Firstly, a measuring rule constructed of wood, metal or plastic for sizing and marking holes. Secondly, a flexible tape measure for longer measuring jobs like position of taps, radiators and lengths of pipework.The Basin Wrench:Is a long handled wrench and is specifically designed for the fitting of taps. The jaw is turned over into tighten or untighten mode and then is operated with a pivoting movement.Wood Chisels:You need a set of chisels for chopping and cutting wood for setting pipework in joists and cutting holes in plasterboard. Used with a hammer, goggles and mask. Boiler Repair London carry these tools.Chain Wrench:This tool has a handle, a toothed jaw and a chain that is used to grip the pipes and larger nuts. The chain wraps over the item to be undone or turned, connect the chain and the toothed jaw and lever with the handle so it grips. It is a very useful tool for carrying out work on, very old pipework, larger nuts and also threaded older galvanized pipes.Spirit Level:A tool to check that fittings and fixtures are level and true . Available in lots of sizes and types. Most common used are small wooden bodied with the level set in the middle. Great tool and used by Boiler Repairs London.Hammers: Three hammers are used in plumbing, usually, a claw hammer for general work like knocking in nails and clawing out old ones. Then, a small tack hammer for pins and very small nails. Thirdly, a large headed clump hammer for lifting floorboards and chopping holes in plaster and brickwork.

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