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Annual boiler service will extend the life of your boiler

As with a number of household expenses, the cost of a boiler service London differs greatly depending upon many factors. Some of the factors are as follows:

Your location:
Just like house prices, the cost of boiler service London tends to vary with your location as engineers charge different amount for different regions. To get an exact idea about the cost of the service in your area, you should always check the prices in your particular postcode.

Time of year:
The service charges of a boiler are recorded differently in different seasons of the year. Mostly people get their boiler serviced when the season to turn it on approaches, meaning in winter and autumn. So the service charges go higher in the peak season. On the other hand,in the summer season when people don’t bother about boiler service, the charges for service are much lower.

Boiler type:
It is obvious that different kinds of boilers have different type of repairing and service as well; therefore, the cost of service may also differ. For instance, service charges for oil boilers are known to be higher as compared to the service charges of gas boilers. But it would be better to compare the quotes typically in your area because prices may be different in different towns.

As a general rule, when there is much tough competition in the market, the prices or chargesusually fall. In the area where there are lots of qualified engineers, the repair and service charges may be lower, but the areas where you could hardly see an expert for boiler service London, the charges for repairing and servicing aboiler will definitely rise.
It is suggested to give an annual service to your boiler after the end of winter when it is no longer in use and the charges will be lesser as well.

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